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Mark Gungor about differences in the brains of men and women

This task seeks to practice listening skills at 5HAVO/VWO level, as well as provide an example of the use of metaphor to illustrate abstract concepts. Mark Gungor’s analogy of two boxes as a representation of the difference between men and women’s brains is entertaining while at the same time positing serious concepts about gender differences. Students are guided in their listening by a questionnaire that is simple to mark at the end of the fragment, and the class can be nudged into a further discussion of what biological gender differences mean to the way the two sexes relate to each other.


This lesson is aimed at providing students with an entertaining and informative sound fragment with which they can practice listening and comprehension skills. Students can listen to surface meanings (actual utterances or facts) as well as think about deeper meanings (unuttered but implied) while answering the questions and engaging in a post task discussion. The goal for this lesson is that students ‘do the miles’ in the pursuit of listening skills acquisition in an entertaining way but also learn about the subject of gender and biology along the way.

havo, vwo
10-15 minuten